About Us

Our Story

Faith’s Lodge was established in 2007 to provide a place where those coping with the death or medically complex condition of a child can find hope and strength. Our founders, Mark and Susan Lacek, experienced a devastating loss when their unborn daughter suffered an umbilical cord accident two weeks before she was due. They named her Faith because they knew it would take truly deep faith to keep them going through their darkest hours. Mark and Susan felt strongly that their daughter’s brief time on this earth should have a legacy. That legacy is the creation of Faith’s Lodge, a place where hope grows. Faith’s name and memory live on in this special facility that can help parents and families through their own darkest hours.

Our Mission

Faith’s Lodge supports bereaved parents and their families in a peaceful environment to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present and build hope for the future.

Who We Are & What We Do

The tranquil setting of Faith’s Lodge provides a peaceful escape for families coping with the death of a child to refresh their minds and spirits while spending time with others who understand their experiences. Our long weekend retreats combine professional grief counseling, therapeutic experiences, and group activities that help families heal. As the first dedicated retreat facility of its kind, our goal is to connect families and give them tools for coping with grief and its challenges in a healthy way.

People Served

Since opening our doors in 2007


Faith’s Lodge serves guests nationwide

Grieving Parents

75,000 children die each year in the U.S. (CDC, 2013)


Faith’s Lodge is the only dedicated retreat facility of its kind in the U.S.

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Meet The Staff

Kelly honors the memory of her nephew, Carter, in her role as President + CEO of Faith’s Lodge. She leads the team towards the vision of hope for grieving parents for generations to come.

Kelly McDyre

President + CEO

Jenna’s personal experience of losing her son Noah drives her passion to develop impactful relationships with guests + donors and drive strategy + growth for Faith’s Lodge as Vice President of Development.

Jenna Rogers

Vice President of Development

As the Lodge Manager, Alissia maintains an exceptional guest experience and perpetual smile for all who walk through the doors.

Alissia Knorr

Lodge Manager

As Assistant Lodge Manager, Miki assists with all things related to lodge and ground maintenance, guest stays, and – being a Webster native – community connections.

Michelle Messer

Assistant Lodge Manager

As our Development Coordinator, Amy manages all incoming donations and supports all of our fundraising initiatives.

Amy Coe

Development Coordinator

Deb brings her deep NPO finance experience to the Finance Manager role and handles all accounting and the occasional HR question.

Deb Abarr

Finance Administrator

As our Marketing + Social media guru, Sarah oversees marketing strategies that promote brand awareness and outreach to partner organizations. Sarah is also the one behind marketing all our fundraising events!  Her empathetic personality makes her a perfect fit for making sure everyone knows about Faith’s Lodge.

Sarah Bedsted

Marketing Specialist

Board of Directors

“I serve to help grieving families know that hope does exist and we are here to support them through their grief journey.”

Kelly Hinze


Board Chair

“I serve Faith’s Lodge in memory of my niece, Sophia and to support the mission to help families find hope and strength for the future.”

Barnaby Allen



“I serve Faith’s Lodge to honor my son Brandon Elias as well as to bring hope and community to bereaved parents.”

Kari Elias

Be The Match


“I serve Faith’s Lodge to honor my nephew and help other grieving families find hope, connection and healing.”

Sarah Coe


“I serve Faith’s Lodge to help those that are grieving the loss of a child and to honor my son Cole and my nephew Noah.”

Tim Blinkhorn

The Flying Locksmiths

“I serve Faith’s Lodge in honor of my daughter Ella Kate and to keep the lodge accessible and open to all who need a safe and welcoming place to grieve.”

Chris Gosse

Association One

“I serve Faith’s Lodge because I believe in the mission and I have seen families find hope, reconnect and move forward during their darkest times.”

Katina Gougeon

“I serve Faith’s Lodge to remember my daughter Lily and help other families find hope and healing.”

Mike Markert

Third Coast Advisors

“I serve Faith’s Lodge to honor my daughter, Ella, and to help make a positive impact in the lives of other grieving parents.”

Mandy McKenzie

Edina Realty

“I serve Faiths Lodge in honor of my brother, Jack and to bring awareness and resources to families that have a loss.”

Michael Roane

Holmes Murphy

“I serve on Faith’s Lodge to support the noble mission of providing hope and healing for the community of grieving parents.”

Jason Villar

U of MN Medical School

“I serve Faith’s Lodge to honor our son Jonathan and to support families who have experienced a similar loss.”

Andrew Vollmuth

ISD 721 New Prague Area Schools


“We created Faith’s Lodge to help other families through their darkest hours. We do this in honor of Faith, so her name and memory will live on.”

Mark Lacek

Board Emeritus


Faith’s Dad

“After Faith’s death, we felt strongly that her brief time on this earth should have a legacy and that is the creation of Faith’s Lodge.”

Susan Lacek

Board Emeritus


Faith’s Mom

Granting Organizations

Faith’s Lodge extends our sincere gratitude to our community of granting partners for their generous support. These financial contributions help support our programming, keep our guest rates low, and provide scholarships for those that need them.

Funded Referral Partners

Thank you to the following organizations that help cover the cost for guests to come to Faith’s Lodge.