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Faith’s Lodge has embarked on its first ever major fundraising campaign with a goal to raise $3 million.

Thanks to our supporters, we’ve already raised $1.65 million! With your help, we will achieve our goal and continue to bring hope to families.

About the Gift of Hope Campaign


Financial Security is the cornerstone of our survival

Faith’s Lodge needs funding to continue to offer our services to families at an affordable rate, build a more robust scholarship fund for those unable to pay, expand our services, and build the reserves needed to maintain our 12,000 square foot facility on its 72 acre grounds.


After over a decade of service, Faith’s Lodge continues to be the nation’s only facility dedicated to providing support for parents coping with the death or medically complex condition of a child. We have guided over 8,000 people on a path to hope when they didn’t think they could find it. But we have so much more to do. And WE NEED YOUR HELP.

How the $3 Million Will Be Used



Connection and support are at the core of the Faith’s Lodge experience, and this support should be accessible to all income levels.

  • To lessen financial burdens on our guests, funding will subsidize nightly rates in order to keep rates low and provide scholarships for those unable to pay.
  • To remain operative and continue helping families in the future, Faith’s Lodge must ensure financial stability and retire its mortgage.





Our lodge is essential to our programming. Without a well maintained building, we are unable to provide services to families in need.




To encourage and build healthy coping skills for families, Faith’s Lodge will provide additional family services at the lodge as well as initiate a new program in the broader community that helps grieving parents transition back to work.



Impact Stories

It is the connection of being with people who understand your pain that makes Faith’s Lodge so special. Our guests are real people, affected by real tragedies, that are bonded together because of their children. Faith’s Lodge was a stop on their journey of grief. A place that gave them hope to heal. Help us help more families like these.

  • Eric & Jacob's Story

    In the spring of 2009, my son Eric was diagnosed with ALD. And in what seemed like an instant, our world came to a deafening halt. We soon learned our 5-year old son Jacob also tested positive for the disease. Following bone marrow transplants, Eric passed away that October. Jacob passed away 2.5 yrs later. When something like this happens, no one knows what to do. This is what brought us to Faith’s Lodge. It gave us priceless moments, people to connect with, a soft place to land…and a safe place to be broken.


    Leslie Osman,  past guest 

  • Brody's Story

    Our son Brody was stillborn July 29, 2015 at 37 weeks gestation to a very quiet delivery room. A room that should have been filled with love and laughter, was instead filled with gut-wrenching heartache and unfathomable sadness. We carry on our love for Brody as a family today. Faith’s Lodge helped us find our new normal though support of other couples that had suffered tragic loss. Our time at the lodge helped for my husband and I to reconnect and better understand each other’s grief.


    -Danielle’ Kavanaugh, past guest & Board Member

  • Levi's Story

    In spite of a healthy pregnancy, our first son Levi was born in 2009 with severe brain damage and a list of irreversible medical complexities. Doctors gave him weeks to live. Three years later, we were given a scholarship to attend a medically complex weekend at Faith’s Lodge with Levi. It was the first time in years we were able to relax and breathe deeply. We returned to Faith’s Lodge 2 more times with Levi. Levi died peacefully at age 7 in February 2017. We returned to  the lodge that October without Levi. A trip we knew would happen someday. Again, Faith’s Lodge cradled us and tended to the shattered pieces of our hearts…and brought us hope.


    -Dannell Shu, past guest

The Time is Now - Give the Gift of Hope



We rely on YOU. Your generous gift will impact grieving families for years to come. Together we can give the Gift of Hope to families that don’t yet know they need Faith’s Lodge.


Here’s how your dollars are put to work:

  • $25,000 would cover the cost of additional family services for six months, as referenced in the case for support
  • $10,000 is equivalent to the cost to serve eight families for an entire weekend at Faith’s Lodge
  • $4,200 would cover the cost of additional family services for eight families for an entire weekend at Faith’s Lodge
  • $1,250 is equivalent to the cost of serving one family for an entire weekend at Faith’s Lodge


Contact Us

For more information about the Gift of Hope campaign, ways you can give, or how you can get involved, contact us today.


Jenna Rogers, Director of Advancement