FamDoo™ Partners with Faith’s Lodge

Congratulations to Mark and Susan Lacek on their latest venture!

Many of you already know Mark and Susan Lacek as the founders of Faith’s Lodge.  FamDoo is their latest brainchild. Like many parents, Mark and Susan wanted a better way to address the family routine of assigning their kids activities like household chores, math and reading lessons and other responsibility-building tasks. Mark has spent most of his career creating and running some of the largest global loyalty and frequent flyer programs and simply wanted to take those principles that had worked so well to a family environment.

FamDoo™ is a new allowance app that helps you develop life-ready skills in your children.

It simply helps you organize chores, reward positive behaviors and instill a sense of responsibility in your kids.

For kids, FamDoo is a fun reward system. It’s exciting for kids to earn cash-value points that can be redeemed through iTunes, Target, Best Buy and Amazon. With FamDoo, kids learn the value of money by saving, spending or sharing their rewards.

Check out FamDoo and try the app!