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I Know a Grieving Parent

There are many ways to help.

We understand the helpless feeling of watching someone you love grieve, but there are ways to help. While you won’t be able to bear their burden of grief, you can help them in other ways. Faith’s Lodge is just one resource for this long journey of grief.

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“We really appreciate having this opportunity to be here with others who understand. We feel a little less angry and sad. It normalized our situation!”

-Faith's Lodge Guest

Hope Works Here


Hope Works Here is an employer-sponsored benefit that guides the transition of an employee’s return to work after the death or medically complex diagnosis of a child.

Ways to Help Now

  • Hold them while they cry.
  • Just be present. Listen.
  • Make sure someone is shoveling their walk + driveway. Putting down sand, etc.
  • Start a schedule for food but don’t expect them to manage it.
  • Keep the parents hydrated!
  • Give them some paper plates, etc. No one wants to clean up.  Make it easy for who is there.
  • Call on anyone you know who can do graphic art. Have them help you create a meaningful and personal “funeral card” and program.
  • Help them write the obituary.
  • Help them find a therapist.
  • Take walks.
  • Make sure food is being delivered, served and stored.
  • Make sure they have the basics, too (milk, waters, etc.).  They will not be hungry but find a way to get them what sounds good at the time.
  • Offer to go to the funeral home to help. There are SO MANY decisions to be made.
  • Get a fingerprint kit and get the child’s prints before they bury them to make keepsake jewelry. The funeral director will be able to help you get the prints. You can find kits here.
  • Create a spreadsheet for tracking cards, gifts, etc. Help them open the mail and record everything.
  • More Helpful & Hurtful things Here by

Honor a Child

There are many ways to honor a child.

How We Work

At Faith’s Lodge, we offer programming based on a child’s age. We’ve found that being with others going through a similar loss can help parents get the most out of their experience here.

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