Grieving Moms Podcast: feat. Jenna Rogers

A Podcast for Grieving Moms

July 1st, 2023                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Written By Sarah Bedsted, Marketing Specialist at Faith’s Lodge

Faith’s Lodge‘s VP of Development, Jenna Rogers, joined Megan Hillukka on the Grieving Moms Podcast earlier this year. They covered a variety of topics revolving the death of a child, specifically the grief a mother endures following SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) & SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Children). Jenna and Megan discuss the journey of grief and some of the challenges that grieving parents come across. This includes finding meaning within your work after experiencing the death of a child. Many grieving parents have a difficulty finding direction or purpose while they are simultaneously trying to heal and honor their child.

Jenna shares her personal experience of grief following the death of her son, Noah. She shares the emotional experience of having children after loss. As well as navigating the fear that accompanies the first year of a child’s life. Three weeks after Noah died, Jenna and her husband visited Faith’s Lodge for a bereaved parents retreat. They attended alongside other parents whose children died due to SIDS. Through this retreat Jenna found connection with other parents going through a similar grief journey and learned she was not alone in her feelings. No two parents’ grief is the same, but we can all find some semblance of peace in knowing you are not alone.

Tragedy often changes our perspective on life. Jenna now honors Noah every day by helping other families who are beginning their journey of grief. As the VP of Development at Faith’s Lodge, Jenna creates relationships with the families who support Faith’s Lodge and propels the organization forward in its mission.

Through this podcast episode parents can relate to the horrible reality of losing a child. However, they also feel the hope of finding a new normal at the same time honoring the child that died. Faith’s Lodge offers child loss retreats that connect grieving parents and a program to help grieving parents return to work after child loss. They also offer many ways to honor your child through fundraising events, legacy, and memorial opportunities. Thank you to Megan Hillukka for giving Jenna the opportunity to share her story and the impact of Faith’s Lodge. We encourage you to listen to the Grieving Moms podcast and share your own story in the comments.

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