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St. Paul Pioneer Press

09.24.2009  St. Paul Pioneer Press, “I’ll Never Hear Your Sweet Voice Sing’ father’s ode to stillborn daughter now a song to comfort the grieving”

Just two weeks before her due date, Mark and Susan Lacek’s first child, Faith, died in the womb when the umbilical cord became tightly wrapped around her body.

As what would have been Faith’s first birthday approached in 2001, her grieving father scrawled out a poem about all the moments he would miss of his daughter’s life.

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

08.04.2008  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Faith’s Lodge provides solace for grieving families”

Clay and Charlie Gess stand ready at the fire, a graham cracker in each hand.

Mom doles out the chocolate squares, Dad the smoldering marshmallows. The brothers twist them shut and dig in, laughing at the saccharine goo oozing from their faces and fingers.

Maybe they’ll remember it; maybe they won’t, these little boys, as their childhood years give way to school and sports and girls and cars.

But their parents will, always.

It is for this reason that Missy and Brandon Gess brought their three children to Faith’s Lod

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Inter-County Leader

06.06.2007 Inter-County Leader, “Faith’s Lodge thanks contractors”

WEBSTER – After completing the fast-tracked construction of Faith’s Lodge, local contractors were thanked for their work Sunday at a special on-site open house.

The unique nonprofit retreat near webster is the brainchild of Mark and Susan Lacek, who lost their first child, Faith Ann, at birth on June 5, 2000.  The Minneapolis couple used their new foundation to create a retreat for grieving parents and those with a seriously ill child.

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Burnett County Sentinel

01.31.2007 Burnett County Sentinel, “Building a healing home for families”

WEBSTER – Six months after the ground-breaking ceremony for Faith’s Lodge, construction on the one million dollar facility is well underway at the site just north of Webster.

The brainchild of Mark and Susan Lacek, Faith’s Lodge came about as the result of the couple losing their first daughter, Faith Ann at birth less than a month after their marriage.

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Northern Currents

07.19.2006 Northern Currents, “Ground is broken for a dream”

WEBSTER – Six years of careful thought and planning is finally becoming reality for Mark and Susan Lacek.  Construction of Faith’s Lodge, a retreat on 80 acres of land north of Webster with a private lake and nature trails, will begin with excavation scheduled to take place within the next couple of weeks, framing in September and be watertight by the start of deer season.  With the finishing to be done over the winter, the facility is to be ready for use by the summer of 2007.

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Mpls St. Paul Magazine

June 2006 Mpls St. Paul Magazine, “Keeping Faith”

There are many incredible charitable organizations in the Twin Cities – groups with local roots.  But we don’t always know how they started, why they started, or who was the catalyst for the cause.  This month, 800 (or more) people will attent Faith’s Lodge Gala and hear the story f Faith, as told by her parents, Mark and Susan Lacek.

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